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Thanks to the sheer abundance of shows that exist now, summer TV is no longer a cesspool of reruns and game shows, and as ~savvy~ viewers know, one of the best summer bets this year is The Bold Type. This season, the show’s three heroines are still learning how to navigate their careers while also juggling friendship and romance, with Kat moving into a bigger role at Scarlet, Sutton proving that she’s gotten ahead based on talent, and Jane dealing with — spoiler alert if you missed the season premiere — the fallout of getting fired from her new job at Incite.

Katie Stevens, who plays Jane, can’t give too many specifics about what happens to the women of The Bold Type in the coming episodes, but she does offer this: “Kat has a lot of sex this season.” So there you go! Here, Katie talks about what Jane’s upcoming professional and personal dramas, and shares her thoughts on the final season of Game of Thrones.

On Jane’s career path

You saw in the preview for episode three, she’s unemployed and she’s on the job hunt. It was really important to me that the writers let Jane fail. Jane’s such a perfectionist, she’s so Type A, and I thought that the most interesting would be to have her fall flat on her face and have to pick up the pieces. You’re going to see her spiral out a little bit and try to figure out, “OK, where am I meant to be? What am I meant to do?” That’s so often the normal reaction to failure. You start thinking, “Oh, am I doing this right? Should I really be in this career path?” any time you fail, and that’s what Jane is going to go through. She’s trying to figure out where she belongs and we all know that she belongs at Scarlet, so it’ll be interesting to see her try to pave the way back there. Continue reading

The Bold Type – 2×02 Captures + 2×03 Stills

The gallery has been updated with screen captures of The Bold Type 2×02 Rose Colored Glasses. I’ve also added HQ stills from next week’s episode 2×03 The Scarlet Letter.

“Good Morning America” & “Build Series” Caps & Videos

Captures of Katie on Good Morning America & Build Series have been added. I’ve also shared videos below.

Good Morning America & Build Series

The gallery has been updated with pictures of Katie visiting Good Morning America & the Build Series. Screen captures to follow soon.

“The Bold Type” FYC Event + POPSUGAR PlayGround

I’ve added new pictures of Katie attending “The Bold Type” FYC Event & POPSUGAR PlayGround. She looks so pretty! Check out the pics!

The Bold Type – 2×01 Feminist Army Caps

The gallery has been updated with the first episode of Season 2 of “The Bold Type” 2×01 Feminist Army.

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